How Can Podcasts
Be Leveraged In Your Classroom?

Learn how to record, edit, publish, and implement audio and video podcasts with your students today!

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Workshop Description

Have you ever wanted to create amazing digital content with your students?
Are you looking to learn where you can find thousands of awesome free resources?

In this session, we will discuss audio and video podcasting along with digital media creation from the inside out. Learn how to record, edit, publish, and implement audio and video podcasts in your classroom today!

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Today's Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Classroom vs “Real” Podcasting
  • Why Podcast with your students?
  • A Full Year Podcasting Curriculum
  • Templates + Examples = 😉
  • Curriculum, Apps, Equipment … oh my!
  • Audience Challenges
  • Podcasting Q&A

What do I hope you learn today?

Classroom Podcasters

  • What is Educational Podcasting and why is it important for our classrooms?
  • How to create a series of projects using audio & video podcasts.
  • How to use podcasting to help your students grow confidence outside of the classroom.

Studio Podcasters

  • How to plan, record, edit and publish your educational podcast.
  • How to choose the right equipment for your podcast without breaking your budget.
  • How to grow your audience and build your digital footprint through your podcast.

Integrating Podcasts Into The Curriculum

The Podcasting Curriculum Outline
The Podcasting Curriculum Outline

Why Podcast with Students?


  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Student-Centered Learning
  • Creativity/Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking/Communication
  • Podcasting is Fun!


Why Bring Podcasting Into the Classroom?

Podcasts can be used in the classroom to:

  • Engage Student Creativity
  • Encourage Critical Thinking Skills
  • Prepare Students for Presentations and Real World Job Interviews

Free vs Paid Apps

When should you spend money on podcasting applications?

  • Features are needed to complete the project
  • You wish to use an app over multiple years

Episode 1) Short Self-Interest Videos

Introducing Screencastify

Why Should Students use Screencastify?

Activity 1a: Create a Simple Screencast Sharing Your Hopes For The ISTE Conference

Click To Download This Template Into Your Google Drive

Recording Your First Passion Project

How to make your first project a success

  • Focus on something they are passionate about
  • Don't make it be curricular if possible
  • Get them excited about the topic
  • Do it on a Thursday/Friday so they can work on it during the weekend
  • Don't grade it ... celebrate it!

Activity 1b: Create A Personalized Video Trailer Promoting Student Accomplishments

Project Directions

Using the Templates provided, students will create a "video trailer" composed of short videos on a slide accompanied by an outline of their thoughts on a given topic.

Activity 1c: Group Videos

Multiple Students On Video

What is the importance of grouping students in video projects?

  • Teaches them to listen to each other
  • Emphasis on organization and note taking
  • Accountability to the project and each other
  • Students learn how to "move without the ball"

Episode 2) Replacing Tradition Activities with Podcasts

Breaking Down The Essay Format

Creating Podcasts From Traditional Written Projects

  • Introduction: Group
  • Body 1: Student 1
  • Body 2: Student 2
  • Body 3: Student 3
  • Closing: Group

Creating Episodic Podcasts using Synth

Introducing Synth

Why Should Students use Synth?

  • Episodic Podcast Recording
  • 256 Second Audio or Video Podcasts
  • Private or Public Sharing
  • Video Chat/Comment Features are GREAT for Digital Citizenship
  • Embeddable Audio/Video Player

How to use Synth

To complete your audio podcast, you will be using a FREE application called Synth.

  • Visit
  • On the homepage click: Get Started on Web (Big Red Button)
  • Log in with your Google account
  • Click on the PLUS BUTTON on the top right to start a new Synth
  • Record your audio podcast into Synth.
  • When finished, click on the button to complete your recording and listen back to it.
  • Turn Transcription to ON
  • Click DONE if you are happy with your recording and then click NEXT
  • Give your podcast a title. This should be the topic of your podcast and then the word Intro
    • Example: Feudalism Podcast - Introduction
  • On the "Share your Synth" screen, select Podcast to make your show private and click the Share button

Project Recommendations

  • Have all of your research completed before you hit the record button.
  • Write out exactly what you want to say and who in your group will be saying it.
  • Practice recording your podcast before you hit the record button.
  • If you are not happy with the podcast, delete it and record it again.
  • Use a microphone or have your headphones on to record into the headphones mic.

Activity: Create a series of podcasts using Synth around a common topic

Episode 3) Morning News Announcements

Morning Announcements Script Template

  • Step 1: Download the Google Slides template.
  • Step 2: Customize the template.
  • Step 3: Assign roles in the student groups so that everyone gets a turn researching and reporting.

Activity: Create a Morning Announcement Script For Your Students

Episode 4) Forecasting The Weather In Your Community

Create Your Own 7-Day Weather Forecast

Activity: Download The Weather Forecast Template And Customize It For Your School District

Episode 5) Create Your Own Student Podcasts

Student Podcasts using Soundtrap

  • How To Record Your Podcast
    • Open Soundtrap and create a new project
    • Record a 3-4 minute audio podcast
        • Introduction
        • Topic 1
        • Topic 2
        • Topic 3
        • Closing
    • Export their podcast and save it to their Chromebook
    • Submit the podcast using the Google Form
  • Create a Bumper Graphic
    • Download the Google Drawings Template from Google Drawings
    • Create a graphic to describe your podcast episode
    • Submit your Google Drawing along with your Audio Podcast using the Google Form
    • Hit the TURN IN BUTTON in Google Classroom to turn in the Google Drawing


Activity: Download The Podcast Bumper Template and Customize It | Then Record A Group Podcast

Episode 6) Create Videos Using Microsoft Video Editor

Podcasting Equipment Recommendations

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Lesson Plan Ideas

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Educational Podcasting Resources

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