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Toy Hacking, Robotics for the Rest of Us

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Toy Hacking puts the students behind the curtain of consumer products, gets students active under the hood with toys they know as consumers. While the rest of the world spray paints wires pink to get girls into STEM, we empower our students to take control. Toy Hacking teaches electronics, CS, gears, drafting, sewing, as well as literacy rich documentation skills. This is a choice-rich, no kit, open-source, low-cost curriculum. Come play and learn with us, and bring it to your class tomorrow.

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What is Toy Hacking

Toy Hacking: What exactly is this popular STEM activity and how do I get started?

By Sam Patterson

In the simplest terms, the way to begin teaching with toy hacking is to do some toy acting yourself. Steal some toys from your children or pick them up at the local thrift shop look for ones that have simple electronics in them.

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