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Using Google Docs to provide Authentic Learning Experiences and Feedback to our students

Using Google Docs for Authentic Student Feedback

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we tackle the tough topic of teacher/student communication and together learn how to use Google Docs to create effective learning environments.  Did you know that Google Docs features multiple ways of providing feedback to students in the form of Comments and Suggestions?

Google Docs is not only a fantastic word processing application but one of the best communication tools for any teacher to use in the classroom.  Check out our podcast above to learn more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Communication – it’s not just one of the 4 C’s.  It’s an essential tool for the classroom.
  • Editing vs Suggesting Mode
    • What are they?
    • When to use them?
    • Why to use them?
  • Collaborating with Google Docs… how to let others know of changes to your work
  • Time-saving feedback tricks – CheckMark Chrome Extension
  • Voice Feedback w/ Read & Write for Google
  • Hidden Google Doc tricks
    • Google Docs URL Tricks
      • /copy
      • /Edit
      • /template/preview
      • /preview
      • /publish
      • /copy?copyComments=true
      • /export?format=pdf
  • New “Activity Dashboard” coming to Google Drive starting March 21 to “Rapid Release” districts.  
  • What else can Google Docs be used for?

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This weeks question is:

How are you using Google Docs to provide meaningful and authentic feedback to your students?

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  • Turn an old phone charger into an open 5V power source-Sam

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