How Can I Modify the Live Tiles in the Windows 10 START menu?

Congratulations, you just received your new Surface Tablet, Surface Book, or other compatible Windows 10 computer.  You take off the shiny new wrapper, plug it in and are greeted by a familiar, but kinda different looking operating system.

Don't worry, we have all been there.  New computer syndrome is a common issue when trying to break into a new machine.  In this #AskTheTechCoach article, we take a look at the Live Tiles, a fantastic and totally customizable feature in Windows 10 and show you how to customize your start menu so you can actively use it with your students on your interactive board.

There are several reasons to customize your START menu icons.  By default, Windows ships with several of its popular apps and programs pre-existing on the START menu such as News, Xbox, Store, and Games.  This is great for most but can be distracting when you are broadcasting your home screen in class.

Windows 10 Live Tiles

Can the Windows 10 start menu be customized to my needs?

It is very simple to add, remove, and even modify the “live tiles” on your Windows 10 screen. This provides a great platform for your students to interact with the board and use the tiles to their advantage. (This is great for the younger grades!)

Can I move the Windows 10 Live Tiles?

Live Tiles are meant to be interacted with. This is why they are “live.” To move the tiles around your screen, simply click (and hold) and then drag them around.

Can I remove Windows 10 Live Tiles?

Windows 10 Live Tiles

To remove your Live Tiles, simply right-click on the tile and click the “Unpin from Start” button and it will be removed from your START menu.

Can I resize Windows 10 Live Tiles?

Windows 10 Live Tiles

To resize your live tile, right-click on the tile and click on the “Resize” option. Depending on the app, you have 2-4 different sizes of icons available.

Can I add apps to live tiles?

To add an app that is preinstalled on your Windows 10 computer into Live Tiles, simply locate that app on the left side of your START menu and drag it into the place where you would like it. From there you can resize as needed.

This is a great feature for those wanting to add their Google Chrome icon on the start menu for quick access.

Can I customize the headers?

Your START menu provides two columns for organizing your icons. These can be set up as “Google Apps” and “Websites” or anything else you can think of.

Can I add a website to the start menu?

To add your favorite app to the start menu, first, open the Microsoft EDGE browser and locate the 3 dots on the top right. Click on the “Pin this page to Start” button and confirm the change. This will then add a clickable icon to your START menu that you and your students can easily access while working on your interactive board.

How are YOU using your customized Live Tiles?

The ability to customize your Live Tiles to practically any application or website is a powerful feature found in Windows 10.  Please leave a message in the comments below sharing how YOU are using and customizing your Windows 10 Live Tiles.

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