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This year at ISTE I had the privilege of sitting down with members of the Microsoft Surface team to learn why the new Surface 3 is the best Laptop/Tablet solution on the market.  Personally, I have had a Surface for the last few months, and I have found that it is a great machine for those looking to have a computer on the go, and also a trustworthy machine to sit down and record my podcasts with.

The power of the surface lies in its versatility.  The Surface tablet lies somewhere in-between your iPad and your Laptop.  But instead of being hunkered down with hard drive heavy apps, you have the ability to not only use but combine both rich desktop applications with lightweight web apps.  This not only provides the best of both worlds but allows you to create dynamic lessons for your students that can be accessed across multiple devices in multiple locations.

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I work as a technology integration program specialist for Kent School District in Kent, Washington – ten miles south of Seattle. I love helping teachers realize how they can let students demonstrate their understanding through new and innovative ways. I primarily support our One-to-One Laptop Initiative (quickly changing to a device, not a laptop) through technology adoption, professional development, and technical support. For the past two years, I have been a part of the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert group and attended this past E2 event as a fellow. I am a Microsoft Master Trainer and have been all over the United States leading conference sessions, training teachers, and speaking with school leaders on behalf of Microsoft in Education.


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