YouTube Kids App: Our 12 Favorite Channels for Young Students

There has been a huge buzz recently on Twitter about the new YouTube Kids app.  There are thousands of great videos to search for on this new platform.  The app opens up in a very clean and inviting menu that breaks down content into four categories: Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore.  Each of these sections has designated channels packed with amazing video content.  The YouTube for Kids App is FREE and is certainly one that I will be recommending at future conferences I present at.  Where we couldn't fit all of the great content into this post, we certainly welcome you to use the comments section below to share your favorite YouTube for Kids channels.

12 Favorite YouTube Kids App Channels

Sesame Street

Recently, I found an amazingly funny video from the Sesame Street Workshop on the YouTube Kids app parodying the new House of Cards season.  Here was Frank Underwolf blowing down the house of the 3 pigs.  These hilarious videos can all be found now on the Sesame Street channel.  Join Big Bird, Telly Monster, Elmo and all of the Sesame Street gang for hours of skits and songs that are appropriate for children of any age.

Jim Henson Family TV

Lets face it… who doesn't enjoy sitting back and watching Fraggle Rock.  This YouTube Kids app channel has everything you need on a nice snowy day. Fraggles…Dr. Seuss….Sid the Science Kid… yeah… this is the place to be for fun!

Official Berenstain Bears

If you are a fan of the classic children's books based on everyones favorite Momma and Poppa Bear, you are going to love watching dozens of episode of their beloved cartoon series.  The Official Bernstain Bears channel has several full episodes to enjoy.

Disney Shorts

Join Mickey, Minni, Pluto and all of the gang on their wild adventures from years past.  One of my favorite episodes here was a classic Winnie The Pooh that really made me miss being a kid.  Being a Disney channel, this section not only features the Mickey gang, but also The Muppets and Schoolhouse Rocks, Phineas and Ferb …. I'm hoping they add some Star Wars in the very near future.

DreamWorks TV

With more than 300,000 subscribers, the DreamWorks TV Channel is the place to find your favorite shows such as Puss In Boots, Triple Rainbow, Earth Objects, Madagascar and … HE-MAN!!!

Thomas and Friends

ALLL ABOARD!!!! Join the more than 170,000 subscribers of the Thomas and Friends channel.  This channel is complete with skits, puzzles, songs, and many other quirky short videos to help students learn all about trains and friendship.  Come and visit the Island of Sodor today!

Reading Rainbow

If you are looking for great educational videos on the YouTube Kids app with some length to them, the Reading Rainbow channel is hard to beat.  Each video is between 5-10 minutes and teaches skills such as “How Money is Made,” Martin Luther King Jr, and even an interview with Kermit the Frog.  LeVar Burton does an amazing job with these videos and you will enjoy sharing them with your class.  But… you don't have to take my word for it.

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Everything is AWESOME!!!

The Everything is AWESOME channel is packed with your favorite music videos featuring LEGOS, Minions, clips from your favorite movies and much more.

Classic Characters

Ever start looking on YouTube for cartoons of your youth?  We all have.  The Class Characters Channel has them ALL.  Check out videos from Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Tom and Jerry, Winnie the Pooh, Care Bears, Pink Panther, and so many more.

Grog and Sheep

I was pleased to see that everyone's favorite Zombie and Barn Yard Animal are available on the YouTube Kids App.  Use the search tool to look up “grog and sheep” and you will find almost 100 fantastic learning videos created by educator Toby Price.  Using the iPad and the Puppet Pals app, Grog, Sheep, and their friend Titus teach you about grammar, sentence structure, compound sentences and much more.  Follow @GrogTheZombie on Twitter today!

LEGO Channel

With over 600,000 subscribers, the LEGO Channel is the best place to find awesome information on everything LEGO.  Learn how to design, build, and TEACH with everyone's favorite brick building system.  Interested in Minecraft? There are great LEGO Videos teaching you can use the MindStorm kits to create awesome looking characters.  This is certainly a great channel for middle and high school students looking for great ways of being creative in the classroom.


One of my favorite sections of the YouTube for Kids app is the search tool.  I must be honest and say I'm a little favorable about this title.  I was very pleased to find that TeacherCast and all of my educational videos were able to be added to this great app. Please take a moment and check them out today!

Overall, the YouTube for Kids App is pretty amazing. It's colorful, easy for kids to access and play with and you know they are learning while watching.  One downside to this channel is that the individual videos are still able to play advertisements when they start.  Hopefully, this is something that can be fixed in the future.  This is certainly a great app to download and try out with your youngsters or classroom.

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