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In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff sits down with Brianna Hodges to discuss Future Ready Coaches and her involvement in this years FETC Conference in Miami Florida.

This month, the Ask The Tech Coach Podcast will be featuring stories from Tech Coaches across the country and we would love to hear from you and learn about your programs. If you are interested in joining us for our next episode, please contact us today!

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What Does A Tech Coach Do?

  • What is the most critical way a coach supports implementation?
  • Answering the question every coach gets: What “exactly is it that you do?”
  • How can a coach retain/maintain relevancy?
  • Future Ready Schools & Future Ready Coaches

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About Our Guest: Brianna Hodges

Brianna Hodges is committed to helping educators positively transform the story of school. Pulling from her experiences as a marketing & PR executive, an English teacher and district administrator, Bri shares how story serves as the foundation of learning, the cornerstone of culture, and the catalyst to transformation.

Having learned, listened, and led in classrooms and central administration since 2009, Bri is widely recognized for her superpower for storytelling, capacity for connection, and commitment to empathy and equity.

Noted for her innovative approach to learning, Bri was named K12 Administrator to Watch (2018) and Texas EdTech of the Year (2017). She serves as national advisor for Future Ready Schools and spokesperson for Future Ready Coaches. 

When Brianna isn’t leading a session, diving into strategy, or waiting to board an airplane, you can find her pacing the sidelines at her son’s games, encouraging her daughter’s affinity for slime and YouTube, wrangling longhorns and horses at her family farm, or finding moments of laughter and connection with family and friends. 

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